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Healthy Post-Modern Brain Food For Thought

November 3, 2015

Wrote this February 10, 2014 while in a state of confusion and bliss, filled with an abundance of euphoric feelings.

Empathy- The Subjective state of realization which you project an imaginary idea onto a plane of existence which we all succumb to either here or later in time and space.healing

Understanding- A state of logical, rational, and emotional conclusions, which directly or indirectly affects us and other people who are a part of a deeper perspective, which is sometimes misunderstood by those who question that state of being, justified in not knowing that which they may know to be true. OoOo THE PARADOX!!

Consciousness- A specific place of being, which is influenced by the past, present, and future selves of who, what, and why we are here now.


Reality – A conscious agreement from entities around you that question their own subjective qualities or sanctification’s, which are projected onto a partial or impartial perspective that can make something into nothing and vice versa.


Subconsciousness- All that is and is not, accumulated and represented by a person, place,thing or idea, and this state of being could possibly alter all that which was not, to infallibly drop into a new realm of conscious, unaware of itself, that it is. CATS-N-STUFF-Peter-Drew-London-20131

Thanks for reading and have a BLESSED WEEK!

*All images are found internet memes etc, I do not own them.

©opy right to the literature 2014 C.J. Fries

Change Till You Get What You Want!

August 6, 2015

Today I was scrolling through my daily Facebook memories from 7 years ago. I am a freak for what has happened before and where I am now, a kind of wake up call of sorts to what I wanted to be doing and what I am doing now. Anyways this current memory was from 7 years ago when I first made friends with one of my Art Institute mates. We were the first students to graduate from our associates degree program in business and technical photography, and since then we both have gone on to do and create amazing images and experiences from our education. I hope He is doing well, and happy with His work and life choices like I am.

I can truly say that who I was when I entered into that program has made me who I am today, the crazy situations I put myself through, to the people I shared them with. They all have shaped an image I am proud to call my own. I learned how to set up and create business relations, through writing proposals, pitching ideas and getting funded the money and resources I need to continue my successes. I am so thankful for my professors, now matter how hard I pushed against their opinions and ideas, they have still led me to this moment in time, writing for thanks and peace! I KNOW I started to become a conscious minded 20 something year old adult in Dallas TX, and have made a 180 degree turn since then and will probably make a couple more here after, as that is what life is all about, changing till you get what you want, to be true to yourself and to stick to your dreams, to make them your reality, for no one else.

I will turn 27 this year, a number that is very significant to the entirety of our bodies minds, spirits, hearts and souls, as we go through a total revival in our cells and organs every 7 years. From our heart, to our liver, to our lungs etc., most of them completely change their chemical make up to a new state of bliss and healing love. They ALL make a 360 degree turn just like our emotions and thoughts. I have felt this change not only in my body but also in the relations I have made with my soul and spirit contracts that abide by and adheres to the many situations I have been through and will continue you to go through after the 26th of August. The native Americans believed this process to be true as well, for they believed the 7 faculties of the body that affect the mental and spiritual aptitudes, grow, change and separate from the body to go into the after life and come back again, renewing the contracts made with their ancestors and their past lives selves. Further more, the 27th year in one’s life is the most mentally, emotionally and sexually changed time, filled with energies that are swirling with changes and transitions. I intend to embrace this time, to go through whatever life throws at me, swinging full speed with my crystal/diamond impenetrable bat of change and power, to smash and reshape all that is aiming to break me down, to build up from the pieces an empire that is mine, so I can stand atop of it, smiling across the land, looking at all my accomplishments knowing I did all I could to be who I want to be.

I conclude this spiritual rant with a song that was going though my head as I awoke this morning, thinking about my friends and family I created relations with in Oklahoma, Texas and in Austria, without you all I wouldn’t be the man I see myself as today. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

An Endless Summer In Europe

July 14, 2015

Greetings my fellow travelers!

I have been very busy these past few months, working for myself and with my friends. Writing, making visuals for clubs, and making all sorts of images and videos for a couple of museums and open air film festivals in Austria and Oklahoma! It is such an exciting time to be alive as I can feel the world drastically changing moment to moment, movement to movement. Blessed are we to have NOW!!

To share myself. These are my most recent images of digital reflection which I have recorded, to remember this lovely summer, one that I will turn 27 by the end of August. I have had such an eventful summer thus far, and yet it’s not over, thank the Sun and Earth Gods!!! I send you all lots of love and light to all those who lay their eyes upon my life and the experiences I value most. TO My Family, My Friends and My Life! PEACE!

(FYI click the images for a slide show)

As Summer Arrives

May 10, 2015

I leave you with what has been and what will continue  to be a lovely Spring/Summer. Make the best out of what you have!

State Of The Union Address For Our Myopia

March 10, 2015

State Of The Union Address For Our Myopia

by yours truly C. Lov. Er

If there were one thing or advice that I would pass on to my generation and future ones, it would be to harbor self-reflection and follow through with the actions that come there after the supposed thought. For tens of thousands of years we have seen in society and nature, acts of kindness, love, peace, progress, and determination. At the same time, we have seen the world be turned upside down in relation to the said things above, where profit over people is a marketing device that plays on our weaknesses and hopes. So what do we do? Most of us subscribe to certain schemes that make us believe we are doing well for nature, and ourselves, but in reality we are only consuming one more thing, which we may or may not need. This could be compared and contrasted to creating a world that is taking back its voice from the people who “are here to help us” by not turning a blind eye to powers that oppress us, including our egos and ourselves.

In history, as we know, there have been countless revolutions, alternations and transformations, not only within our minds and bodies, but also in our way of making these actions develop in our home, workplace and in the city. They all came with a certain kind of maturity that one would only expect from an advanced civilization. But in my humble opinion, we have only began to make more problems out of the ones we never found solutions to, since the establishment of our thoughts, in form of cultural actions, dating back to Atlantis in Egypt and onward. These thoughts have carved out a cave for us, which has created our waking slash subliminal world of endless possibilities to the seemingly endless questions of how to progress etc. But maybe just maybe, we don’t need to progress in terms of technology or political ideas, but rather to change who we would like to see ourselves as at this present moment, to mentally evolve from our physicality to our spirituality, to put our needs equal to others. And if you don’t believe in this than may nature lay its mercy upon you so you may see deeper into the looking-glass we call earth. As there are so many acts of unknown, unexplainable phenomenon’s, all proving otherwise. Further more millions of people all attest that they are truth filled. Please just open your eyes and think beyond the bubble you place yourself in, as trying to prove everyone wrong like science or religion (which I do agree with on most things but not everything as I think for myself), can cause you more trouble than good. For needing to categorize and justify everything into its compartments, changes how the world looks at the endless magic that exists in our co-conscious state of mind and being in a collective mentality.

This magic I speak of is written in the alternative accounts of history, which are just as real as the mainstream ones. And as we know, most of it has been altered to fit the winning party and their hidden agendas. If you would like to know more about the alternative histories, read the writings of Albert Pike, Manly Palmer Hall, Ernst Holmes or Jane Roberts, as they all hold the different sets of keys to understanding life’s mysteries. To continue with our topic of solutions and progress, these sociopolitical movements are nomadic of sorts but also very static in their nature. Nomadic in terms of never staying in one place in a historical context of time and space, and static in their willingness to always carry the same actions in each new dawn of an era. I feel we have never truly learned to follow through with our words to make the ends meet so to say (There are examples in history but far too few that outweigh the muck that one had to trudge through to leave a positive impact). If we had, profit would not be the leading thing that defines our human evolution in modern society. Instead, perhaps we would have the abilities to leave our bodies, to heal them with thought from the sorrowful problems that haunt us and bring us to our graves. But most of us are preoccupied and troubled by our bills, our jobs, or our current social placement in society, to actually give a damn about anything outside the measly little world of us.

As of now there are about 1 billion + people in the world who have a basic college degree, can you imagine that? It is quite sad that only 1/7th +- of the world has a basic college level education. But some how it makes sense, as this is the last thing the world worries about now. You would think this to be the other way around, but it’s not, instead it’s due to the crippling debt that has been created by the industrial education complex that has so many Americans and other people who wish to have a degree, left unable to afford it. This scheme seems all too obvious to me, but you can be the judge. My educated guess is that when there are fewer people who can think logically, rationally, and intuitively, there are far fewer people who ask educated questions. Look at our state of government or our healthcare system around the world, if it’s not providing profits it is a failure. But it doesn’t mean it is a failure, it just means the people who run it have failed the people who are supporting their idiotic actions and malpractices.

My point is that while in my mid twenties I have come to know, see and understand different cultural attitudes, while living aboard in Vienna, Austria. These different ways of looking at and approaching problems has given me an antidote for the problem: To make art that has a socially valued message that pushes the envelope of our understanding of our purpose for existence, which is a very subjective and sensitive state. I have made many connections and friends, all who are involved somehow politically or culturally in the middle of this problem. They in turn have made it their business, as should we all, if we are able-bodied and sound of mind to do so. It goes beyond breaking the rules, going to protests, making art etc., it is a way of life you have to live, to be an example you would want others to act in a similar way, that people could write about your actions and words as if they would be shown to the whole world..

I will conclude this post with some images from a group of friends of mine who are far to many to name. These select individuals brought me in under their wing when I had first moved to Austria some 5 years ago. Their living room was my portal to a new culture I had never experience before. We had conversations about life, its mysteries, its problems and its beauty. I set some goals there that have made me who I am today. Making rap videos with famous musicians, creating numerous pieces of literature, photos, videos, art, curating art shows around the world and helping create a subculture I can say I am proud of. Just recently they just moved out of their apartment. It was a bittersweet end to almost half a decade. Those times spent there are somehow are reflected in the images of their faces attached to this post. So therefore, I dedicate this post to them, as they know who they are. Thank you my friends, you may not think so, but in those moments of chaos and bliss while partaking in god knows what kind of debauchery, I gained insight into the sort of person I ought to make myself out to be. To the times that shall live on in us, gods of the universe, please bless all those who were apart of them!

Homies_1 HomiesHomies_3Homies_2Love, C.

“You Can’t Always Get What You Want…You Get What You Need!”

December 6, 2014

I always have my moments of inspiration in the shower, as simple as it sounds, that’s my holy space of prayer and appreciation to The Center of the Universe where all of our life sources comes from (in my understanding). From here I make my meditation in the steamy and healing water of positively and negatively changed ions from the Viennese hillsides and springs. From theses +/- ions, all my problems ceases to exist, and literally melt away from my subconscious, consciousness in my state of being. And it leaves me thinking, what is this sense of purpose I am creating for myself and quite possibly other people in my life. Am I really doing something important by meditating for a better a way of life to help heal my body and those who interact and participate with me in various actions and events? Or am I just bidding my time till we all fall back into the great abyss we call the afterlife? I think not, but can’t say for sure…

ionization Over the years I have developed many ways of seeing and understanding the events that unfold in front of me, from family members and friends passing on, to moving from my home land to the old mother country of my ancestors, loosing more friends along the way (who are there but not “there any more” so to say). I have made lots and lots of mistakes, some that I regret, only to make the same mistakes over and over again finally learning from myself, and doing something about it thus being proud and happy to be me. I am forever young and learning from my mistakes in this point. But this realization has only come from deep reflection of who AM I. To me it is and will continue to be a life long question, which has haunted humanity since the inception of virtues, morals and the social dilemma and condition of being humanist, which was introduced through religion, spiritually, and the construct of society to be productive /participating member of it.


In shorthand I could say I AM a cosmic being composed of light and subatomic particles condensed to Earths gravitational pull, made of various elements one can find in deep space(e.g. star dust). But for me this seems too hopeful that other people would follow my idealistic, scientific, and spiritual mindset, so I divulge further to help those with the same ego problem I have/had of always having to rationalize and minimize the simplicity and beauty in and of our organic/inorganic state of reality.


If you look at yourself in the mirror you see not yourself but a reflection, pure and simple, as you can never truly see who you are, only various angles and images show “who you are” but never can you paint a truly rational, logical and intuitive image of the physical being you hold onto so mind(fully)lessly for all of your time here on Earth. I am merely saying that it is not you who stares back, but a mirage of infinite possibilities, all holding onto different identities that consist of multiple view points and beauty, which is held in your brain, soul, and spirit, at that exact moment. For example you are sad, you see the sadness on your face, or you think you look good then you look good, or you only see the imperfections that life as thrown at you, which  in turn could either be a reflection of society on to you or from you on to society which repeats itself in an endless loop.


I will use another metaphor; water is shapeless, as Bruce Lee has once most famously said, it adapts and becomes that which holds it, ever-changing its form so it may be one with that which it becomes. From my experience this example can be applied to all aspects of life. You can resist the flow of life or become one with it, accept the challenges or die and wither away, never standing for something greater than you or I. From my years of spiritual research and readings, we come from the ultimate source of the ALL, which is the Ocean of Life, in particular, the Ocean on Earth. Our purpose as defined by the ancient mystics from Antiquity (Rome, Greece, Egypt, Atlantis, and The Center of the Universe), is that we must take the saltwater we are made of and purify it from its salts that make us undrinkable for others to take in our spirit and essence of the great almighty consciousness in the center of our ever-expanding universe. This is by far the most important and difficult thing to do, for when you do not to grasp this concept it is rather difficult to see who we really are. If we do not purify ourselves from the undrinkable-ness we all hold to be true, then we will be poured back into this Great Ocean of Life. And from the bucket we used to be held in we will once again go through the cycles of life till we purify ourselves and are able to drink from ourselves the essence of the divine and pure which is in all of life and its creativity which is never-ending power of the ALL.

water benefits to the body

To put it very simply, any guru or guide of and from Mother Nature in the Universe can say this. Also others of faith in humanity and in the Universe will follow this idea with rational and emotional faith in a higher source, as we do not need science to appreciate what we have from Mother Nature, we have everything we need, we have it all. It’s only a matter of perspective and opinion that changes how we see the world. A slight shift from one degree of thinking to another is all it takes, but not without painstakingly hardships that one must overcome before truth in the absolute is found.


(This chart can help with changing perspectives)

So “who are you” in my mind is defined by your actions and the energies that are created from the things you create or take away from. Whether they are material or immaterial does not matter, it’s what you do with your life that defines your life. Not the things, only the experiences create your reality and identity, which is everything or nothing depending on your perspective and standpoint. You can think from the bottom of the mountain or the top, overseeing all that you have done or not done. It is up to you my friends.


Vienna, Austria: As The Winter Arrives

November 28, 2014

This post is about one of my favorite quotes which comes from Albert Camus. It really has me going today. Times are some what transitioning in my life right now, as they always are. So I went out with my camera today and captured some cityscape images of realization. Here is one of a dozen or so that I made which stuck out to me. I walk by this bridge every day and wanted to take a moment and take it all in so to say. I like these comparison type  images and find them very easy on the eyes, but you be the judge.

I will leave you with a quote that was speaking to me while I walked through the city today in near freezing weather…

“My Dear,
In the midst of hate, I found there was, within me, an invincible love.
In the midst of tears, I found there was, within me, an invincible smile.
In the midst of chaos, I found there was, within me, an invincible calm.
I realized, through it all, that…
In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.
And that makes me happy. For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there’s something stronger – something better, pushing right back.

Truly yours,
Albert Camus”