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Awareness Of (f)Light

February 13, 2019



As I sit, taking a meditation break from work,  listing to “Energize Your Life..” by Deepak C. on their app, I came to this thought…..

We are all connected! We are an culmination of our collective breaths, thoughts, intentions and ultimately, our energies. WE ARE ONE! One big cosmic bang continually occurring from the starting point of the universe’s creation!

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 2.20.25 PM.png

I saw in my minds eye as I was sitting and focusing on my breathing, (for about 20 min) my wife, children and I. We were all sitting or rather floating, suspended in the air, healing each-other in what seemed to look like another dimension of time and/or space. I felt the movement from my physical body into the other, more lighter, higher godlike self there after (which we all have in common as far as beings of light).  I then saw the rest of my family and friends higher godlike selves as-well, in a 5d sort of image if that’s possible. It felt like I was them and they were me, at the same time all healing each-other.

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 2.23.45 PM.png

IMHO, we all were experiencing this state of healing that one can connect to through meditation and rhythmic breathing. Most importantly: patience and taking your time, making them into your habits is the key.


(I believe that we are beings of light from outer space “sent” here from a past self to learn about our higher  godlike selves. We are experiencing multiple versions of ourselves on infinite planes of existence simultaneously. We there-fore have one true godlike self  whose essence links us and all these dimensions to higher realms of being. This is where I am currently talking about right now in my vision.


The whole experience was very vivid and pure in light and form, and yet felt like warm nothingness at the same time. I realized that nothing had taken me here other than my own ability to calm myself and think literately nothing at all. Just breathing deeply in and out at the same pace is all I did.


I feel we are always reaching at what is present, right in front of us. This life is all that matters though. Nothing else is important, just be aware of you and your reactions to the stimuli experienced. Namaste, love and light!


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