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Daily Habits Create LONG TERM JOY

November 19, 2017

Almost every day for the past 5 years I have practiced and enjoyed my meditation ritual and want to share it with you.  It helps me out tremendously with making my day calm, cool and collected as it can be. 

I follow these simple procedures below to achieve what I feel is a state of Nirvana or enlightenment. I will share with you all how I accomplish this. 

I find I am most alert and one with my higher god like self when I meditate in the shower. 

I feel it has something to do with the warm water.

I’ve read from some scientific research that it gives this release of serotonin or dopamine that is like no other rush of peace and calming energy. 

So here we go, if your are interested try out my method and leave me a comment on how it made you feel, if anything at all.

Part 1) I first start out thanking my higher godlike self. (For me this higher godlike self is the perfection we have in each of us that wants to love and be loved unconditionally, it will be different for everyone)

 I welcome it into me through my crown chakra.

Mind you, this is all a visualization and everyone will have a different experience with this sort of mediation.


After I have “activated” my crown chakra by gently rubbing on the top of my head and third eye, I ask my godlike self to flow through each of the 7 chakras embodied in each of us. I visualize an orb of light passing through each chakra and get a fuzzy warm feeling doing so. (I know it sounds goofy but a great spiritualist named Cameron Day recommended that I do this to reopen and activate ones chakras, it feels nice after messaging them with your open palms for a minute or two, give it a try, I promise it will feel great.)


Once I have opened this portal to my higher godlike self, I thank its Universal and Earth energies for giving me life by bending to touch my toes and place mental emphasis on each part of my body as I move back up to a standing pose. I then move my torso backwards like the image below.


You don’t have to kneel to make the pose, standing works just fine. Its just something I do to complete each step of my 4 part meditation. It is great for your back muscles, you will need those to be strong as you grow older.

Part 2) After I have invited my higher godlike self into me, I then thank and accept the dualities that have arisen from being human. I can feel they are coming from a higher source of galactic power to experience Earths physical touch.

So I embrace those energies dualities, ones like light and darkness or life and death, happiness and sadness or rich and poor etc.

I place an emphasis on my two fingers and see the energies passing through me, and think that in my acknowledging of them they are mentally transmuted into one energy, into a non duality state of being back to its source.

As I do this I then touch my toes and bless all that is and has been, moving my way back to standing straight up moving to my backward torso stretch. 


Part 3) You still here? If you are then you mus be very concentrated on learning more about spiritual awaking.

This part is very important step in my meditation, I make a vulva or yoni mudra hand gesture.



It is for the awaking of the divine feminine and also for me, represents the correlation between the body, mind, spirit, heart and Soul connection that makes us a human being experiencing a spiritual self.

This connection is very important in the fact that I feel it has a physical affect that changes all the neural pathways in ones brain to feel and act less anxious and stressed out.

Don’t believe me?

There is a ton of research to back up my claims just google it 😉

After making this mental connection I touch my toes and do the backwards torso stretch. Breathing in and out with every gesture

Part 4)  Last but not least. All this was for something I promise. This four part mediation corresponds to Pythagoras and his love for the number 10.

You started with one,

The godlike self,

Then moved to the number two,

The duality of life,

You over came those through mental transmutation and acceptance,


You moved towards the becoming closer to the divine feminine in us

Into 4

The accumulation of all, representing one pyramid of life.


This last step in my mediation is very simple. I take my hands and make the “Italian hand gesture” with both  hands.

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 3.57.48 PM.png

I then put them together and place an imaginary point above my head representing the tip of the pyramid in the cosmos.

I bring that point down to reality to draw another imaginary base to the pyramid around me.

As I am slowly doing this I visualize my facilitates all aligning and becoming one with me. Do my toe touch and backwards torso stretch and am done.

If you do this everyday I’m sure you will awaken your spirit and higher godlike self in no time. But I cant make any promises, as everyone is different and has different needs for self awaking and healing. 

Do what makes since for you.

Thank you for being here.

I see the light in you and bless your journey.

Peace and love-Chris

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  1. Catherine permalink
    November 21, 2017 02:18

    Love you, Chris. This is a great, to read about your meditation process. Very inspired and inspiring. Creativity coming forth integrating your deep self with the intellectual and physical self. Pay attention to any emotions that arise because I bet they align, too. I am going to try it.

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