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New Series

October 4, 2017




Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 12.30.51 PM

(Side note, I haven’t made any posts in some time nor art. This is my attempt to join the art world again after so many months away from what I love most, creating not consuming. Peace and infinite love!)

In my newest series (on Instagram) I am investigating subtle energies and “unconscious” objects that have little to no “physical life” in them. I am using my intuition to seek out and find things I would normally pass by; things I pay little attention to outside of my daily habits. By engaging my awareness and my camera with these “ordinary” and sometimes inanimate objects I hope to see what I can “physically” make out of them.

As a part of my series I plan to breathe “life” back into them by giving them a physical space to reside in outside of their normal resting place ( A gallery or the cloud, to be streamed/shown) .

I feel all things have life in them. It doesn’t matter how “boring” or “useless” they seem to be. I plan to further investigate, to understand my surroundings, and to better my mental and physical environment and community.

There is always creation occurring,

There is life always existing somewhere in our universe,

There is a pattern arranged in such a way that can’t be broken or ignored,

Finding this shape and context in the content is the real mystery of life, waiting to be discovered.



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  1. Rosalie Grace Thompson permalink
    October 4, 2017 18:25

    I love your insights, Chris, and share your perceptions about life — the miracle we experience every day.

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