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Taking The First And LASTish Watch

May 31, 2016

13177823_1549241498703563_2871829208579147417_n*(Side note, Its been some months since I last wrote here, been working a corporate job! I know, I know, not something typical I would do but here is my short story about how I got to where I am)

So, as my 27(almost 28) years of existence continues to drive me into a lake of fire and renewal, I take my hands off my head from an eased state of relaxation, to take control the helm of my own choices. I have taken the first watch, the second and the third, now with my intentions fully set to a course I asked for, I must decipher what it is I am actually doing! It’s sure as hell not what I intended when I started to study Art, Visual Cultures, Business Management or Spiritual/Sciences.

It is what I started to find interest in when I was in elementary school in the mid 90’s, Technology, IT stuff, most notably Computer Sciences and computer games using M.S. dos 3.o (old school right!?). It was something my Father turned me onto when he wanted to share what his Father was sharing with him. How to build a computer from the ground up, to understand all the components and how they translate 0 and 1’s into comprehendible information. Information that holds what we consider today to be the ever-expanding plethora of available information aka the internet (of things), coding etc.

This was something I profoundly fell in love with! I didn’t have very many friends in Elementary school (was set apart by my indigo child mentality perhaps?) So computers and the games on FLOPPY DISKS became my best friends. Anyways, it didn’t matter to me as I had found something that I could call my own, something I had control over. So to make a full circle I am back at where I started, or at least to some extent.

I am now working for an IT company called kununu in Vienna, Austria, but am soon making my way to Boston, MA, to continue my work with them there. I have worked about 5 months with them. You might be wondering what they do…in their words, they “leveling the playing field” for employees who want to research what its like to work at a company. I check the reviews left by happy and in most cases unhappy employee reviews, and train the AI to do my job…SO lets say I am training like 10 robots to do my job, eventually after it has learned my vibes it supposedly does what I have taught it to do. Pretty trippy right? I’m skeptical like I’m sure the rest of you are…BUT…

We are living in an almost totally automated world, where in every corner of society there is some one using some sort of technology to have some sort of task completed by some sort of computer automation. Whether ordering at McDonald’s or using a gps to get to from point a to point b, we can clearly wipe away the muck of mis-confusion or create more by this convenience. I see the both of the two arising from AI. But, we have some of the most brilliant minds heading this creation of a new gene pool of evolution. Elon musk, Steven Hawkings, and Max Tegmark all have our best interests at hand, so much that that donated millions of dollars to tech organizations to help curve this mindless jump into the already defined known unknown threats of AI. They call it The Future of Life Institute  and it is truly a great endeavor, but are we once again laying our faith and life into the hands of the ultra rich elite, to once again see the power and corruption alter the already myopic dystopia corrupted landscape that we call earth today. Where private interests for the few and far is placed in priority over the many underrepresented over oppressed majority (99 % vs. 1 %) ?

I am holding good thoughts and acting on them by sharing my concerns, using my FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS to place an awareness on this, also by making art, going to protests and critiquing the institutions that say they have our best interests at hand. MOST don’t though, and wont care until the last dollar they have sucked out of us is theirs, till the last bone in our will power is broken. And once we realize we have been broken of our free will to choose, I am afraid to say, it may to be late for this generation of x,y, and z’ers to do something. I will hold my breath though with this sentence coming true till I’m blue in the face,or in handcuffs for protesting in solidarity with my fellow comrades to make the world a better place!!


And as always I send my loyal readers an infinite amount of love and light from the highest divine order to be the change you wish to actively see and become in the world.


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