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Onward And Into The Unknown

January 3, 2016


Its been some months since I last made an entry. I do apologize, but have been very busy with life!  So here is my gift of sorts for the new year. I, some weeks spoke with my good friend Sam Kingdavis while he was in town, He said I should ponder upon this question.

“What have I done that I am proud of this year? And what do I plan on doing better next year?” (or something like that)?

So here is a short catch up of events and thoughts that conclude the end of my year, which was a glorious one, to say the least!

Get right in there: First of all, I am eating either small portions of cow, chicken, or pork only once a week! I feel great mentally and physically, and will try to only  eat fish more often than other meats. I will also do my best to consume more healthy food from Mother Nature, like the greens, yellows, purples, blue, or red pigment treats from the earths floor. I am and will continue to eat all the colors of the rainbows that correspond to the colors created from the physical wavelengths of light that our organ system is made of and takes in from the all holy sun and its precious gifts (but will from time to time, sneak a few bags of junk food, here and there, lol).

WOW!! Its been 9 years since I finished high school, 6 years since I got my Associates Degree in Business and Photography in Dallas, Texas, almost 4 years since I finished my Bachelors Degree in Visual Arts and Cultures in Vienna, Austria. And since 2014,  I have been studying for my Graduate Degree in Arts and Science’s at the Applied Arts University in Vienna!

And to top off my year’s end, I  have been married for 12 days to the woman of my dreams, WOOHOO!!!! I’m so happy to type this and share this momentous news with you all! I will now share some of my year-end  philosophical “art therapy/news” of sorts for you all. So here are a few of my insights from a 27-year-old humanist, (h)activist, self motivated, aspiring social artist/revivalist/curator/wonder and ponder of life’s mysteries. The drum roll please….dun, dun, dun,dun, dun, dun,dun, dun, dun,dun, dun, dun,dun, dun, dun,dun, dun, dun, BANG!!!!

I give you

“My Reflection Pool: 2015-201?”


Christian Johann Georgiev-Fries

Thus far,  I can conclude that, what I have learned through my university studies and my relationship with humanity and nature,  wasn’t necessarily written into the schools agenda for approval or in talked about so often in conventional society, unless called forth in my small circle of family or friends. What I have and will continue to learn was/is partly due to my interest in the unknowingness (made up word, don’t care) of my future. That knowing in myself, that I can choose my own path, any one I like, that I am my own creator or destroyer of the life or path that I call and make mine. This mindset was and still is on my personal study schedule, to understand myself as a young initiate in the school of life and magic, so to say. On a journey inward, to discover my subconscious self, my, if you will, ” my godlike self”(one that is open to endless possibilities of creation, love, understanding, warmth, and kindness, among other individual characteristics I, and only I, have to offer to the universe), to then see how the universe around, and inside of me functions.

What am I becoming by what I have followed or believed?

My intentions were and still are to one day find, out “who am I ” and what is “I” or “we.”  I than set out and mapped my coordinates to travel deeper into the worm hole of my life, in hopes to find the more subtle wavelengths that makes up my being, and hopefully to find the essence of what I think humanity is lacking, instead of thinking that we all are dying, already dead, or withering away, falling  in and out of a metaphorical stated of altered consciousness. One that is induced by our stressful and sometimes disillusioned life, the one we tend to pay attention to and forget what is going on outside of us or our bubble of comfort.

I am making a plan to share all my findings, for everyone to enjoy and discuss further, to agree we could all be one. To become free from suffering, pain, evil, greed, corruption and violence. For now, all I have found are these sentences,  which I have pieced together for and from my understanding of humanity, to fit  into this semi short blurb. I continue my search…

Floating abroad, finding myself in a sea of uncertainty.

 I do know or at least pretend to know, that I have learned a great amount from all the things, people, and places, I thought where a “waste of time” to investigate, especially from my university and from the more subtle energies, created by humanities aura and radiation of feelings and thoughts !  Further more,  I feel that what I have gained from studying these themes,  has created a way, or plan to understand how I see who I am becoming. Through this “seeing who I am,” I have began to understand the way I am actually using my free time. This sort of methodology if you will, allows me to value all that I have, to more efficiently carry out my tasks and goals, either short-term or long, with ease and comfort at hand.  Above all, I feel that the people I spend my free time with are a pure reflection of an image of who I am, or am becoming.

Consecutive counts of consciousness.

I have learned, and will continue to learn (by trail and error), that we are not separate beings, but rather, we are all equal, born from the same tree of life, breathing, seeing, and living on one Earth, our only Earth! We don’t have to be defined by our things, or our geographic placement, or by our political titles, or economic status. We can choose to become who we want to be by understanding the experiences that have made us who we are today, to work better together, to understand others conditions of being human, and those feelings from ourselves as well. This is what I find so fascinating; the point where the unknown meets the known, so to say,  with an equal understanding of our universe, where we can share with each-other what we have found for each-other.

I feel this is only possible if we try to actively listen more, instead of passively listening. To be present in not only our bodies, but also in our minds, and self, to offer ourselves as a beacon of light and hope, to be here, so we all truly see and understand one-another, to help one-another. With this attitude we can accomplish any task set forth in-front of us!!

Into the depths of peace, chaos, and determination!

 In the quietness of my own home, or with my loved ones, I began to see, think, and feel, that through my studies of the Arts, the Humanities, the Hard and Esoteric Sciences, there is a whole new self to discover within my own being, one that is free from the clutches of our globalized worlds way of being, and becoming, and somehow, not becoming all that one thinks one can become( partially due to post industrial process like slave labor, continuing through the clutches of political and corporate rule, which has created a corrupt and Statist way of dividing and conquering the world. I feel this  and much more has all influenced the modernism think tank like machine, which has created the working/living conditions we have in society today). I couldn’t have been able to see this without learning to question society, its codes, and regulations, including those of my loved ones, elders, and teachers (sorry!?!). I still can’t and wont sit down and be quite(my bad)! I can’t idly sit by, and bite my tongue, choking on my own blood! I MUST ACT OR SEIZE TO EXIST, AND THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN IF I ACT AND GO FORTH!!

So what does any curious, INSPIRED, self motivated, aspiring social artist/revivalist/curator/young adult do? They write, make radical misunderstood art, they make friends with other crazy people who also make weird art, music, and cause a lot of problems along the way, mostly for themselves, and in my case that was just what happened to me, and still is by the choice of learning from my mistakes, seeing them as my last and best teacher!

I had to find some self truth in the questions that are prescribed to us by our own way of being. I felt and at times still feel like an octopus, gabbing all that it can hold onto, flailing about like a black Friday freak show extraordinaire. I have a hard time thinking (but have to deal with it) I will become a consuming, ever hungry, cultural marker of life and death, hanging in peril, in a never ending/unknowing state of bliss and fear, peace, and chaos all wrapped up in one, like a baking pig in the blanket! All I know is, I don’t want to silently wait for my days to end, or for that fact, ever really to begin. That’s not me ( I just want to be), and by god, I would rather die by my own blade, than suffer for others lust and greed working on my back, gaining all, while I am left with the scraps of my labor, blood, sweat, and tears! I divulge…(my passion for living and knowing overwhelms me).

Judgie judger

We now have more free time than any other generation, that’s why there are places, or things, like home game consoles, or personal handheld devices, to watch or play with apps like fb, twitter, instagram, angry birds, clash of the whosoevers etc., all to spend your free time, as you wish. But in this free time, I have found using these outlets to express oneself (hopefully with good intentions, ones other than getting likes,shares or high-scores *pukes a little) really doesn’t cut it for me, unless I put some of my own self into the mix so to say. For me, I must create a stable and   prosperous foundation, so to create deeper more confident self. One that  can secure my long sought after future of self defined success and happiness. This in-turn, helps me to create a sound body, mind, heart, and soul connection to my future self, which is in my mind already helping me by initiating this thought process. One that works with for me , not against me, where the outside forces of the world do not rock my being when I have looked above and out of my sacred free time.

This is what I have learned and will continue to learn thought my life; to know that what I am able to accomplish is but a drop in the bucket of accomplishments and goals I can reach. I feel this is only possible if I spend my free time in a somewhat constant state of progression for myself, my art, for my family, and my community at large! That is whats going on in my mind at this exact moment!!


So I leave a very simple chart, as an example as to what the body can accomplish, to show that we as a human-race, have a multitude of dimensions to help one-another realize the vast potential the human body can do for itself.  It will only work if you truly take the time to initiate it into your life, to become your own guide, or guru of sorts, one can then open up other possibilities into greatness and miracles, to understand the mysteries of life and the people you want to share them with. And so it is! AMEN!!


Thank you! I hope you all didn’t fall asleep or get bored by all the reading!? If so you could leave some comments (constructive ones if possible?) below so I can better understand you.

I send you infinite love and light from my heart to yours, to enjoy yourself and have a prosperous new year -C.

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  1. Auntie Catt permalink
    January 3, 2016 04:21

    Wow. You are so eloquent yourself that if you said that all you did last year was write this post, I’d say it was enough. I wish I wasn’t writing on a cell phone. It takes pages, or days, weeks, months of constant talk to respond to this post. Perhaps next year I will have internet again, and more experience of people gathering, pondering, creating art and making social interactions, floundering together, feeling their way with black octopus legs. Then I will be ready to write my answer.

    Meanwhile I can relate very well to all of it. I could categorize your entry under “teachings” – I also love your new hyphenated last name.

    • CJ Freeze permalink
      January 3, 2016 04:26

      Thank you sooo much Aunt Catt! I appreciate your kind words and take them very dearly to heart! I hope you are doing well and find the time to write me back? Miss you !! Love Chris!!

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