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Healthy Post-Modern Brain Food For Thought

November 3, 2015

Wrote this February 10, 2014 while in a state of confusion and bliss, filled with an abundance of euphoric feelings.

Empathy- The Subjective state of realization which you project an imaginary idea onto a plane of existence which we all succumb to either here or later in time and space.healing

Understanding- A state of logical, rational, and emotional conclusions, which directly or indirectly affects us and other people who are a part of a deeper perspective, which is sometimes misunderstood by those who question that state of being, justified in not knowing that which they may know to be true. OoOo THE PARADOX!!

Consciousness- A specific place of being, which is influenced by the past, present, and future selves of who, what, and why we are here now.


Reality – A conscious agreement from entities around you that question their own subjective qualities or sanctification’s, which are projected onto a partial or impartial perspective that can make something into nothing and vice versa.


Subconsciousness- All that is and is not, accumulated and represented by a person, place,thing or idea, and this state of being could possibly alter all that which was not, to infallibly drop into a new realm of conscious, unaware of itself, that it is. CATS-N-STUFF-Peter-Drew-London-20131

Thanks for reading and have a BLESSED WEEK!

*All images are found internet memes etc, I do not own them.

©opy right to the literature 2014 C.J. Fries

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