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Change Till You Get What You Want!

August 6, 2015

Today I was scrolling through my daily Facebook memories from 7 years ago. I am a freak for what has happened before and where I am now, a kind of wake up call of sorts to what I wanted to be doing and what I am doing now. Anyways this current memory was from 7 years ago when I first made friends with one of my Art Institute mates. We were the first students to graduate from our associates degree program in business and technical photography, and since then we both have gone on to do and create amazing images and experiences from our education. I hope He is doing well, and happy with His work and life choices like I am.

I can truly say that who I was when I entered into that program has made me who I am today, the crazy situations I put myself through, to the people I shared them with. They all have shaped an image I am proud to call my own. I learned how to set up and create business relations, through writing proposals, pitching ideas and getting funded the money and resources I need to continue my successes. I am so thankful for my professors, now matter how hard I pushed against their opinions and ideas, they have still led me to this moment in time, writing for thanks and peace! I KNOW I started to become a conscious minded 20 something year old adult in Dallas TX, and have made a 180 degree turn since then and will probably make a couple more here after, as that is what life is all about, changing till you get what you want, to be true to yourself and to stick to your dreams, to make them your reality, for no one else.

I will turn 27 this year, a number that is very significant to the entirety of our bodies minds, spirits, hearts and souls, as we go through a total revival in our cells and organs every 7 years. From our heart, to our liver, to our lungs etc., most of them completely change their chemical make up to a new state of bliss and healing love. They ALL make a 360 degree turn just like our emotions and thoughts. I have felt this change not only in my body but also in the relations I have made with my soul and spirit contracts that abide by and adheres to the many situations I have been through and will continue you to go through after the 26th of August. The native Americans believed this process to be true as well, for they believed the 7 faculties of the body that affect the mental and spiritual aptitudes, grow, change and separate from the body to go into the after life and come back again, renewing the contracts made with their ancestors and their past lives selves. Further more, the 27th year in one’s life is the most mentally, emotionally and sexually changed time, filled with energies that are swirling with changes and transitions. I intend to embrace this time, to go through whatever life throws at me, swinging full speed with my crystal/diamond impenetrable bat of change and power, to smash and reshape all that is aiming to break me down, to build up from the pieces an empire that is mine, so I can stand atop of it, smiling across the land, looking at all my accomplishments knowing I did all I could to be who I want to be.

I conclude this spiritual rant with a song that was going though my head as I awoke this morning, thinking about my friends and family I created relations with in Oklahoma, Texas and in Austria, without you all I wouldn’t be the man I see myself as today. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

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  1. Martha Bledsoe permalink
    August 12, 2015 17:22

    I really enjoyed reading this Chris! About Recognizing the power of renewal and how miraculous it is, with your upcoming 27th birthday! I was just talking to Annè about her upcoming birthday and what she is looking forward to also. She expressed to me her great gratitude and love for all of her family and how blessed we all are, and I have to agree with all night and with you about being part of such a wonderful family. I spoke to Catt yesterday and she is starting to feel more comfortable in her new home. I helped her pack a couple weeks before she even knew where she was going. She continued to have a great trust that God would provide a place for her the horses and he truly has. B Lee came for the last weekend in July and I drove down and we all worked really hard to get her moved into the new place. Horses and pets were moved safely as well after I left. She is in a 16 ft.² solar home just south of Santa Fe not far from where she and Tom lived when I first got there. It will be so good for her to be closer to her friends into the school. Al and I are driving to Santa Fe on Friday and will stop by and see her and go to dinner and maybe have breakfast and do some galleries on Saturday. Give Savina my love! Hugs Marti

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