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An Endless Summer In Europe

July 14, 2015

Greetings my fellow travelers!

I have been very busy these past few months, working for myself and with my friends. Writing, making visuals for clubs, and making all sorts of images and videos for a couple of museums and open air film festivals in Austria and Oklahoma! It is such an exciting time to be alive as I can feel the world drastically changing moment to moment, movement to movement. Blessed are we to have NOW!!

To share myself. These are my most recent images of digital reflection which I have recorded, to remember this lovely summer, one that I will turn 27 by the end of August. I have had such an eventful summer thus far, and yet it’s not over, thank the Sun and Earth Gods!!! I send you all lots of love and light to all those who lay their eyes upon my life and the experiences I value most. TO My Family, My Friends and My Life! PEACE!

(FYI click the images for a slide show)

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  1. Denise Requenez permalink
    July 14, 2015 19:52



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