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Awareness Of (f)Light

February 13, 2019



As I sit, taking a meditation break from work,  listing to “Energize Your Life..” by Deepak C. on their app, I came to this thought…..

We are all connected! We are an culmination of our collective breaths, thoughts, intentions and ultimately, our energies. WE ARE ONE! One big cosmic bang continually occurring from the starting point of the universe’s creation!

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 2.20.25 PM.png

I saw in my minds eye as I was sitting and focusing on my breathing, (for about 20 min) my wife, children and I. We were all sitting or rather floating, suspended in the air, healing each-other in what seemed to look like another dimension of time and/or space. I felt the movement from my physical body into the other, more lighter, higher godlike self there after (which we all have in common as far as beings of light).  I then saw the rest of my family and friends higher godlike selves as-well, in a 5d sort of image if that’s possible. It felt like I was them and they were me, at the same time all healing each-other.

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 2.23.45 PM.png

IMHO, we all were experiencing this state of healing that one can connect to through meditation and rhythmic breathing. Most importantly: patience and taking your time, making them into your habits is the key.


(I believe that we are beings of light from outer space “sent” here from a past self to learn about our higher  godlike selves. We are experiencing multiple versions of ourselves on infinite planes of existence simultaneously. We there-fore have one true godlike self  whose essence links us and all these dimensions to higher realms of being. This is where I am currently talking about right now in my vision.


The whole experience was very vivid and pure in light and form, and yet felt like warm nothingness at the same time. I realized that nothing had taken me here other than my own ability to calm myself and think literately nothing at all. Just breathing deeply in and out at the same pace is all I did.


I feel we are always reaching at what is present, right in front of us. This life is all that matters though. Nothing else is important, just be aware of you and your reactions to the stimuli experienced. Namaste, love and light!


Daily Habits Create LONG TERM JOY

November 19, 2017

Almost every day for the past 5 years I have practiced and enjoyed my meditation ritual and want to share it with you.  It helps me out tremendously with making my day calm, cool and collected as it can be. 

I follow these simple procedures below to achieve what I feel is a state of Nirvana or enlightenment. I will share with you all how I accomplish this. 

I find I am most alert and one with my higher god like self when I meditate in the shower. 

I feel it has something to do with the warm water.

I’ve read from some scientific research that it gives this release of serotonin or dopamine that is like no other rush of peace and calming energy. 

So here we go, if your are interested try out my method and leave me a comment on how it made you feel, if anything at all.

Part 1) I first start out thanking my higher godlike self. (For me this higher godlike self is the perfection we have in each of us that wants to love and be loved unconditionally, it will be different for everyone)

 I welcome it into me through my crown chakra.

Mind you, this is all a visualization and everyone will have a different experience with this sort of mediation.


After I have “activated” my crown chakra by gently rubbing on the top of my head and third eye, I ask my godlike self to flow through each of the 7 chakras embodied in each of us. I visualize an orb of light passing through each chakra and get a fuzzy warm feeling doing so. (I know it sounds goofy but a great spiritualist named Cameron Day recommended that I do this to reopen and activate ones chakras, it feels nice after messaging them with your open palms for a minute or two, give it a try, I promise it will feel great.)


Once I have opened this portal to my higher godlike self, I thank its Universal and Earth energies for giving me life by bending to touch my toes and place mental emphasis on each part of my body as I move back up to a standing pose. I then move my torso backwards like the image below.


You don’t have to kneel to make the pose, standing works just fine. Its just something I do to complete each step of my 4 part meditation. It is great for your back muscles, you will need those to be strong as you grow older.

Part 2) After I have invited my higher godlike self into me, I then thank and accept the dualities that have arisen from being human. I can feel they are coming from a higher source of galactic power to experience Earths physical touch.

So I embrace those energies dualities, ones like light and darkness or life and death, happiness and sadness or rich and poor etc.

I place an emphasis on my two fingers and see the energies passing through me, and think that in my acknowledging of them they are mentally transmuted into one energy, into a non duality state of being back to its source.

As I do this I then touch my toes and bless all that is and has been, moving my way back to standing straight up moving to my backward torso stretch. 


Part 3) You still here? If you are then you mus be very concentrated on learning more about spiritual awaking.

This part is very important step in my meditation, I make a vulva or yoni mudra hand gesture.



It is for the awaking of the divine feminine and also for me, represents the correlation between the body, mind, spirit, heart and Soul connection that makes us a human being experiencing a spiritual self.

This connection is very important in the fact that I feel it has a physical affect that changes all the neural pathways in ones brain to feel and act less anxious and stressed out.

Don’t believe me?

There is a ton of research to back up my claims just google it 😉

After making this mental connection I touch my toes and do the backwards torso stretch. Breathing in and out with every gesture

Part 4)  Last but not least. All this was for something I promise. This four part mediation corresponds to Pythagoras and his love for the number 10.

You started with one,

The godlike self,

Then moved to the number two,

The duality of life,

You over came those through mental transmutation and acceptance,


You moved towards the becoming closer to the divine feminine in us

Into 4

The accumulation of all, representing one pyramid of life.


This last step in my mediation is very simple. I take my hands and make the “Italian hand gesture” with both  hands.

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 3.57.48 PM.png

I then put them together and place an imaginary point above my head representing the tip of the pyramid in the cosmos.

I bring that point down to reality to draw another imaginary base to the pyramid around me.

As I am slowly doing this I visualize my facilitates all aligning and becoming one with me. Do my toe touch and backwards torso stretch and am done.

If you do this everyday I’m sure you will awaken your spirit and higher godlike self in no time. But I cant make any promises, as everyone is different and has different needs for self awaking and healing. 

Do what makes since for you.

Thank you for being here.

I see the light in you and bless your journey.

Peace and love-Chris

New Series

October 4, 2017




Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 12.30.51 PM

(Side note, I haven’t made any posts in some time nor art. This is my attempt to join the art world again after so many months away from what I love most, creating not consuming. Peace and infinite love!)

In my newest series (on Instagram) I am investigating subtle energies and “unconscious” objects that have little to no “physical life” in them. I am using my intuition to seek out and find things I would normally pass by; things I pay little attention to outside of my daily habits. By engaging my awareness and my camera with these “ordinary” and sometimes inanimate objects I hope to see what I can “physically” make out of them.

As a part of my series I plan to breathe “life” back into them by giving them a physical space to reside in outside of their normal resting place ( A gallery or the cloud, to be streamed/shown) .

I feel all things have life in them. It doesn’t matter how “boring” or “useless” they seem to be. I plan to further investigate, to understand my surroundings, and to better my mental and physical environment and community.

There is always creation occurring,

There is life always existing somewhere in our universe,

There is a pattern arranged in such a way that can’t be broken or ignored,

Finding this shape and context in the content is the real mystery of life, waiting to be discovered.



Through The Fluff and Gruff: How to “Make It” In the Art World and Markets, Part 1.

September 28, 2016

Based upon 10+ years of behavioural, psychological, and field research.

(Disclaimer: This is a series of short posts I have created from transmissions from an outer-space art and culture god named Aikatmya ((meaning
“Oneness with the Supreme Spirit” in sanskrit)). They are intended for a book to be written or for open source brain hacking, enjoy!)


This guidebook/post is written for the rational and intuitive souls of the universe who want to create positive changes and good vibes for the art market and world through constructive, analytical, magical, and methodological and intuitive criticism.

This guidebook/post is dedicated to Charlie Freeman, a good friend, Professor and colleague of mine who taught me the trade of business photography. To Abbie Hoffman, whose inspiration helped me find my voice in the understanding and application to culture hacking, which I am applying in this guidebook/post(s). To Carol Bell Knight, My spiritual Guru and beloved Great Aunt who has taught me that we are all here on Earth for a very specific reason to help and serve others and to know that earth is an inter-dimensional docking station, whose energy will help us become who we are, so we may share life’s lessons with our fellow travelers. To my Uncle John Drake, who taught me some very important lessons about loving who you are and sharing that idea with others. To my favorite artist Joseph Beuys, who taught me that everyone is an artist. To Franz West, who taught me that we should not take things so seriously and to make art that is socially relevant, interactive, and promotes participatory actions. To my favorite mystic Manly Palmer Hall, whose philosophical writings have changed the way I look at the world and apply my alchemy to it. May these great minds REST IN LOVE.

I thank all the chaos and peace in the world, for giving me rhyme to help me create patterns of understanding and reason to know there are many magical accounts in this world, that of which science cannot explain. And most importantly, I thank the One Great Almighty Cosmic Universal Consciousness of Wonder and Amazement that created the spark of light and life that is in my Family, Friends, Professors, and loved ones! Without your support and encouragement I would not be the person I am today.

As the great Harry Houdini once said “I am a great admirer of mystery and magic. Look at this life — all mystery and magic.” So make believe and you will be that which you believe to be true, because we are all in the flow where great mysteries and miracles abide. We must just learn how to make use of this energy. That is why I am sharing my deepest sentiments with you, so you too may be the guide. Wherever you go, there you are, so draw a map and find what you are looking for. So it is and so it shall be! More to come next weekend…Until then peace and love from Boston to the center of the universe and back!

Taking The First And LASTish Watch

May 31, 2016

13177823_1549241498703563_2871829208579147417_n*(Side note, Its been some months since I last wrote here, been working a corporate job! I know, I know, not something typical I would do but here is my short story about how I got to where I am)

So, as my 27(almost 28) years of existence continues to drive me into a lake of fire and renewal, I take my hands off my head from an eased state of relaxation, to take control the helm of my own choices. I have taken the first watch, the second and the third, now with my intentions fully set to a course I asked for, I must decipher what it is I am actually doing! It’s sure as hell not what I intended when I started to study Art, Visual Cultures, Business Management or Spiritual/Sciences.

It is what I started to find interest in when I was in elementary school in the mid 90’s, Technology, IT stuff, most notably Computer Sciences and computer games using M.S. dos 3.o (old school right!?). It was something my Father turned me onto when he wanted to share what his Father was sharing with him. How to build a computer from the ground up, to understand all the components and how they translate 0 and 1’s into comprehendible information. Information that holds what we consider today to be the ever-expanding plethora of available information aka the internet (of things), coding etc.

This was something I profoundly fell in love with! I didn’t have very many friends in Elementary school (was set apart by my indigo child mentality perhaps?) So computers and the games on FLOPPY DISKS became my best friends. Anyways, it didn’t matter to me as I had found something that I could call my own, something I had control over. So to make a full circle I am back at where I started, or at least to some extent.

I am now working for an IT company called kununu in Vienna, Austria, but am soon making my way to Boston, MA, to continue my work with them there. I have worked about 5 months with them. You might be wondering what they do…in their words, they “leveling the playing field” for employees who want to research what its like to work at a company. I check the reviews left by happy and in most cases unhappy employee reviews, and train the AI to do my job…SO lets say I am training like 10 robots to do my job, eventually after it has learned my vibes it supposedly does what I have taught it to do. Pretty trippy right? I’m skeptical like I’m sure the rest of you are…BUT…

We are living in an almost totally automated world, where in every corner of society there is some one using some sort of technology to have some sort of task completed by some sort of computer automation. Whether ordering at McDonald’s or using a gps to get to from point a to point b, we can clearly wipe away the muck of mis-confusion or create more by this convenience. I see the both of the two arising from AI. But, we have some of the most brilliant minds heading this creation of a new gene pool of evolution. Elon musk, Steven Hawkings, and Max Tegmark all have our best interests at hand, so much that that donated millions of dollars to tech organizations to help curve this mindless jump into the already defined known unknown threats of AI. They call it The Future of Life Institute  and it is truly a great endeavor, but are we once again laying our faith and life into the hands of the ultra rich elite, to once again see the power and corruption alter the already myopic dystopia corrupted landscape that we call earth today. Where private interests for the few and far is placed in priority over the many underrepresented over oppressed majority (99 % vs. 1 %) ?

I am holding good thoughts and acting on them by sharing my concerns, using my FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS to place an awareness on this, also by making art, going to protests and critiquing the institutions that say they have our best interests at hand. MOST don’t though, and wont care until the last dollar they have sucked out of us is theirs, till the last bone in our will power is broken. And once we realize we have been broken of our free will to choose, I am afraid to say, it may to be late for this generation of x,y, and z’ers to do something. I will hold my breath though with this sentence coming true till I’m blue in the face,or in handcuffs for protesting in solidarity with my fellow comrades to make the world a better place!!


And as always I send my loyal readers an infinite amount of love and light from the highest divine order to be the change you wish to actively see and become in the world.


So you wanna be a rock star?

February 11, 2016

You kidding me right!?!? You want nice things? Than make them! You want everyone to know you? Then make friends that give you support, not fake snakes that are your yes men! Depressed, if so than look around you to see if you have surrounded yourself with assholes, saints or sinners? If you are jealous of other peoples success, then you should take a long look in the mirror and ask yourself the question, “What is it that I can actually  contribute to society, what is it that I am capable of doing?”If you have no answer, than find one, don’t ask other people what it is you should do, dig deep into your mind, be alone and figure it out, then supply an answer. I feel that all great minds keep a journal of their thoughts, goals, short term and long ones, crossing them out as they go along. Do the same and you will be empowered by your own will power.

My quote to you is  “If you don’t want it, you wont get it!”

Onward And Into The Unknown

January 3, 2016


Its been some months since I last made an entry. I do apologize, but have been very busy with life!  So here is my gift of sorts for the new year. I, some weeks spoke with my good friend Sam Kingdavis while he was in town, He said I should ponder upon this question.

“What have I done that I am proud of this year? And what do I plan on doing better next year?” (or something like that)?

So here is a short catch up of events and thoughts that conclude the end of my year, which was a glorious one, to say the least!

Get right in there: First of all, I am eating either small portions of cow, chicken, or pork only once a week! I feel great mentally and physically, and will try to only  eat fish more often than other meats. I will also do my best to consume more healthy food from Mother Nature, like the greens, yellows, purples, blue, or red pigment treats from the earths floor. I am and will continue to eat all the colors of the rainbows that correspond to the colors created from the physical wavelengths of light that our organ system is made of and takes in from the all holy sun and its precious gifts (but will from time to time, sneak a few bags of junk food, here and there, lol).

WOW!! Its been 9 years since I finished high school, 6 years since I got my Associates Degree in Business and Photography in Dallas, Texas, almost 4 years since I finished my Bachelors Degree in Visual Arts and Cultures in Vienna, Austria. And since 2014,  I have been studying for my Graduate Degree in Arts and Science’s at the Applied Arts University in Vienna!

And to top off my year’s end, I  have been married for 12 days to the woman of my dreams, WOOHOO!!!! I’m so happy to type this and share this momentous news with you all! I will now share some of my year-end  philosophical “art therapy/news” of sorts for you all. So here are a few of my insights from a 27-year-old humanist, (h)activist, self motivated, aspiring social artist/revivalist/curator/wonder and ponder of life’s mysteries. The drum roll please….dun, dun, dun,dun, dun, dun,dun, dun, dun,dun, dun, dun,dun, dun, dun,dun, dun, dun, BANG!!!!

I give you

“My Reflection Pool: 2015-201?”


Christian Johann Georgiev-Fries

Thus far,  I can conclude that, what I have learned through my university studies and my relationship with humanity and nature,  wasn’t necessarily written into the schools agenda for approval or in talked about so often in conventional society, unless called forth in my small circle of family or friends. What I have and will continue to learn was/is partly due to my interest in the unknowingness (made up word, don’t care) of my future. That knowing in myself, that I can choose my own path, any one I like, that I am my own creator or destroyer of the life or path that I call and make mine. This mindset was and still is on my personal study schedule, to understand myself as a young initiate in the school of life and magic, so to say. On a journey inward, to discover my subconscious self, my, if you will, ” my godlike self”(one that is open to endless possibilities of creation, love, understanding, warmth, and kindness, among other individual characteristics I, and only I, have to offer to the universe), to then see how the universe around, and inside of me functions.

What am I becoming by what I have followed or believed?

My intentions were and still are to one day find, out “who am I ” and what is “I” or “we.”  I than set out and mapped my coordinates to travel deeper into the worm hole of my life, in hopes to find the more subtle wavelengths that makes up my being, and hopefully to find the essence of what I think humanity is lacking, instead of thinking that we all are dying, already dead, or withering away, falling  in and out of a metaphorical stated of altered consciousness. One that is induced by our stressful and sometimes disillusioned life, the one we tend to pay attention to and forget what is going on outside of us or our bubble of comfort.

I am making a plan to share all my findings, for everyone to enjoy and discuss further, to agree we could all be one. To become free from suffering, pain, evil, greed, corruption and violence. For now, all I have found are these sentences,  which I have pieced together for and from my understanding of humanity, to fit  into this semi short blurb. I continue my search…

Floating abroad, finding myself in a sea of uncertainty.

 I do know or at least pretend to know, that I have learned a great amount from all the things, people, and places, I thought where a “waste of time” to investigate, especially from my university and from the more subtle energies, created by humanities aura and radiation of feelings and thoughts !  Further more,  I feel that what I have gained from studying these themes,  has created a way, or plan to understand how I see who I am becoming. Through this “seeing who I am,” I have began to understand the way I am actually using my free time. This sort of methodology if you will, allows me to value all that I have, to more efficiently carry out my tasks and goals, either short-term or long, with ease and comfort at hand.  Above all, I feel that the people I spend my free time with are a pure reflection of an image of who I am, or am becoming.

Consecutive counts of consciousness.

I have learned, and will continue to learn (by trail and error), that we are not separate beings, but rather, we are all equal, born from the same tree of life, breathing, seeing, and living on one Earth, our only Earth! We don’t have to be defined by our things, or our geographic placement, or by our political titles, or economic status. We can choose to become who we want to be by understanding the experiences that have made us who we are today, to work better together, to understand others conditions of being human, and those feelings from ourselves as well. This is what I find so fascinating; the point where the unknown meets the known, so to say,  with an equal understanding of our universe, where we can share with each-other what we have found for each-other.

I feel this is only possible if we try to actively listen more, instead of passively listening. To be present in not only our bodies, but also in our minds, and self, to offer ourselves as a beacon of light and hope, to be here, so we all truly see and understand one-another, to help one-another. With this attitude we can accomplish any task set forth in-front of us!!

Into the depths of peace, chaos, and determination!

 In the quietness of my own home, or with my loved ones, I began to see, think, and feel, that through my studies of the Arts, the Humanities, the Hard and Esoteric Sciences, there is a whole new self to discover within my own being, one that is free from the clutches of our globalized worlds way of being, and becoming, and somehow, not becoming all that one thinks one can become( partially due to post industrial process like slave labor, continuing through the clutches of political and corporate rule, which has created a corrupt and Statist way of dividing and conquering the world. I feel this  and much more has all influenced the modernism think tank like machine, which has created the working/living conditions we have in society today). I couldn’t have been able to see this without learning to question society, its codes, and regulations, including those of my loved ones, elders, and teachers (sorry!?!). I still can’t and wont sit down and be quite(my bad)! I can’t idly sit by, and bite my tongue, choking on my own blood! I MUST ACT OR SEIZE TO EXIST, AND THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN IF I ACT AND GO FORTH!!

So what does any curious, INSPIRED, self motivated, aspiring social artist/revivalist/curator/young adult do? They write, make radical misunderstood art, they make friends with other crazy people who also make weird art, music, and cause a lot of problems along the way, mostly for themselves, and in my case that was just what happened to me, and still is by the choice of learning from my mistakes, seeing them as my last and best teacher!

I had to find some self truth in the questions that are prescribed to us by our own way of being. I felt and at times still feel like an octopus, gabbing all that it can hold onto, flailing about like a black Friday freak show extraordinaire. I have a hard time thinking (but have to deal with it) I will become a consuming, ever hungry, cultural marker of life and death, hanging in peril, in a never ending/unknowing state of bliss and fear, peace, and chaos all wrapped up in one, like a baking pig in the blanket! All I know is, I don’t want to silently wait for my days to end, or for that fact, ever really to begin. That’s not me ( I just want to be), and by god, I would rather die by my own blade, than suffer for others lust and greed working on my back, gaining all, while I am left with the scraps of my labor, blood, sweat, and tears! I divulge…(my passion for living and knowing overwhelms me).

Judgie judger

We now have more free time than any other generation, that’s why there are places, or things, like home game consoles, or personal handheld devices, to watch or play with apps like fb, twitter, instagram, angry birds, clash of the whosoevers etc., all to spend your free time, as you wish. But in this free time, I have found using these outlets to express oneself (hopefully with good intentions, ones other than getting likes,shares or high-scores *pukes a little) really doesn’t cut it for me, unless I put some of my own self into the mix so to say. For me, I must create a stable and   prosperous foundation, so to create deeper more confident self. One that  can secure my long sought after future of self defined success and happiness. This in-turn, helps me to create a sound body, mind, heart, and soul connection to my future self, which is in my mind already helping me by initiating this thought process. One that works with for me , not against me, where the outside forces of the world do not rock my being when I have looked above and out of my sacred free time.

This is what I have learned and will continue to learn thought my life; to know that what I am able to accomplish is but a drop in the bucket of accomplishments and goals I can reach. I feel this is only possible if I spend my free time in a somewhat constant state of progression for myself, my art, for my family, and my community at large! That is whats going on in my mind at this exact moment!!


So I leave a very simple chart, as an example as to what the body can accomplish, to show that we as a human-race, have a multitude of dimensions to help one-another realize the vast potential the human body can do for itself.  It will only work if you truly take the time to initiate it into your life, to become your own guide, or guru of sorts, one can then open up other possibilities into greatness and miracles, to understand the mysteries of life and the people you want to share them with. And so it is! AMEN!!


Thank you! I hope you all didn’t fall asleep or get bored by all the reading!? If so you could leave some comments (constructive ones if possible?) below so I can better understand you.

I send you infinite love and light from my heart to yours, to enjoy yourself and have a prosperous new year -C.

Healthy Post-Modern Brain Food For Thought

November 3, 2015

Wrote this February 10, 2014 while in a state of confusion and bliss, filled with an abundance of euphoric feelings.

Empathy- The Subjective state of realization which you project an imaginary idea onto a plane of existence which we all succumb to either here or later in time and space.healing

Understanding- A state of logical, rational, and emotional conclusions, which directly or indirectly affects us and other people who are a part of a deeper perspective, which is sometimes misunderstood by those who question that state of being, justified in not knowing that which they may know to be true. OoOo THE PARADOX!!

Consciousness- A specific place of being, which is influenced by the past, present, and future selves of who, what, and why we are here now.


Reality – A conscious agreement from entities around you that question their own subjective qualities or sanctification’s, which are projected onto a partial or impartial perspective that can make something into nothing and vice versa.


Subconsciousness- All that is and is not, accumulated and represented by a person, place,thing or idea, and this state of being could possibly alter all that which was not, to infallibly drop into a new realm of conscious, unaware of itself, that it is. CATS-N-STUFF-Peter-Drew-London-20131

Thanks for reading and have a BLESSED WEEK!

*All images are found internet memes etc, I do not own them.

©opy right to the literature 2014 C.J. Fries

Change Till You Get What You Want!

August 6, 2015

Today I was scrolling through my daily Facebook memories from 7 years ago. I am a freak for what has happened before and where I am now, a kind of wake up call of sorts to what I wanted to be doing and what I am doing now. Anyways this current memory was from 7 years ago when I first made friends with one of my Art Institute mates. We were the first students to graduate from our associates degree program in business and technical photography, and since then we both have gone on to do and create amazing images and experiences from our education. I hope He is doing well, and happy with His work and life choices like I am.

I can truly say that who I was when I entered into that program has made me who I am today, the crazy situations I put myself through, to the people I shared them with. They all have shaped an image I am proud to call my own. I learned how to set up and create business relations, through writing proposals, pitching ideas and getting funded the money and resources I need to continue my successes. I am so thankful for my professors, now matter how hard I pushed against their opinions and ideas, they have still led me to this moment in time, writing for thanks and peace! I KNOW I started to become a conscious minded 20 something year old adult in Dallas TX, and have made a 180 degree turn since then and will probably make a couple more here after, as that is what life is all about, changing till you get what you want, to be true to yourself and to stick to your dreams, to make them your reality, for no one else.

I will turn 27 this year, a number that is very significant to the entirety of our bodies minds, spirits, hearts and souls, as we go through a total revival in our cells and organs every 7 years. From our heart, to our liver, to our lungs etc., most of them completely change their chemical make up to a new state of bliss and healing love. They ALL make a 360 degree turn just like our emotions and thoughts. I have felt this change not only in my body but also in the relations I have made with my soul and spirit contracts that abide by and adheres to the many situations I have been through and will continue you to go through after the 26th of August. The native Americans believed this process to be true as well, for they believed the 7 faculties of the body that affect the mental and spiritual aptitudes, grow, change and separate from the body to go into the after life and come back again, renewing the contracts made with their ancestors and their past lives selves. Further more, the 27th year in one’s life is the most mentally, emotionally and sexually changed time, filled with energies that are swirling with changes and transitions. I intend to embrace this time, to go through whatever life throws at me, swinging full speed with my crystal/diamond impenetrable bat of change and power, to smash and reshape all that is aiming to break me down, to build up from the pieces an empire that is mine, so I can stand atop of it, smiling across the land, looking at all my accomplishments knowing I did all I could to be who I want to be.

I conclude this spiritual rant with a song that was going though my head as I awoke this morning, thinking about my friends and family I created relations with in Oklahoma, Texas and in Austria, without you all I wouldn’t be the man I see myself as today. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

An Endless Summer In Europe

July 14, 2015

Greetings my fellow travelers!

I have been very busy these past few months, working for myself and with my friends. Writing, making visuals for clubs, and making all sorts of images and videos for a couple of museums and open air film festivals in Austria and Oklahoma! It is such an exciting time to be alive as I can feel the world drastically changing moment to moment, movement to movement. Blessed are we to have NOW!!

To share myself. These are my most recent images of digital reflection which I have recorded, to remember this lovely summer, one that I will turn 27 by the end of August. I have had such an eventful summer thus far, and yet it’s not over, thank the Sun and Earth Gods!!! I send you all lots of love and light to all those who lay their eyes upon my life and the experiences I value most. TO My Family, My Friends and My Life! PEACE!

(FYI click the images for a slide show)